I usually don’t do this but I’m a little desperate right now…

I need advice. I have motivation for nothing right now, haven’t had any long term goals in a good 3 years now. I’ve been unemployed for that long too. I had a job, work, my life was fine and then all this stress has started and it’s starting to take a physical toll on my body. I don’t smoke and never will, I have a short attention span and have been struggling and feeling overwhelmed with art once more too..But most of all.. I feel sick, dizzy and weak, all the time.

I’ve been looking for work for three years and because of having no money I don’t see my friends as often nor do I most of the time. When  I would see them, work would be a topic a good portion of the time. I’ve gone from being a extrovert to an introvert. I get scared to leave the house or do anything and even when I try baby steps I end up back at square one from being too overwhelmed… I get anxious when going out or leaving the house in general as well.

The only reason I’m here is my boyfriend who has reluctantly taken me in, pays for my food and in return I clean the place; it’s not that big but with these health issues it’s starting to get bad…He helps me when he can but I can’t get the help I really need…therapy,medication, help finding work;he’s tried numerous times and his company just isn’t interested, etc..

Sometimes I even feel better off dead just because it seems like nothing is going to change and that really upsets me seeing as I am against suicide and yet..the thought happens a lot…

Please someone..give me some advice or help or both..please.. I have commissions to finish and yet I can’t even motivate myself to do any of it…even though it’s been paid for months ago and the people are waiting….


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ARTIST: solid squart
TITLE: oegamiom gear 3 squart eater




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i bet that cat doesn’t even game, it’s just doing it for attention. 

Fake gamer cats, ugh

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Stop what ever the fuck you’re doing right now and watch this video



have you ever had a dream that was so vivid it stuck with you in the back of your mind for years?

ARTIST: m-flo
TITLE: Miss You Ft. Melody & Ryohei
ALBUM: Miss You


Miss You | m-flo feat. Melody & Yamamoto Ryohei


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other URLs include kazuhirafiddler and dojimascoffee

but uh basically I have a lot of god damn followers for no reason, and I wanted to thank all the cool people I’ve met here, whether or not I still talk to them and stuff. This won’t be including roleplay blogs, but if I do know them, I’ll likely have their personal instead : ^ )

extremely important people!!

justdazzlin • bakachitojisuzuhara

great people I’ve met through my personal, by what kind of content i’ve met them through!

metal gear:

basicsofcqc • kaz-miller • ota-con • liquid-snake


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it’s a short list, but they’re important people. follow them and make friends with them and be happy. that’s what i’d want for them anyways.

also shout out to the like 9-10 people who reblog literally every single thing i post, i just can’t be assed to look up your urls and plug you people

I return from the dead just to post this and then go back to slaving over commissions. Sorry for being so quiet, been antisocial.

Feeling dirty ladies? Send your valentine this then.~

I wanted to make something rp related for a friend, was gonna do this in my art style but it looked like hard core porn SO, emulated the original artists style. Was from. Enjoy.

aw man I haven’t been on in a while. New laptop, hoping to get my old files back and just lacking a lot of motivation in general. Did this today while trying to get back in the swing of things. My characters, my story. The one I gotta continue my web comic for…ugh. I’m behind already due to losing everything, might just redo the first two pages altogether. Anyway, here. My main “good girls.” from left to right, Aquaine, Seth, Sol, Elsa, Tonly (back back), Luminia and of course, Milt with the cigarette and all. The background was fun, for once. Also, Elsa’s name has been that since 2006 and long before Frozen ever came out. She’s not inspired by her at all.

Bte the webcomic is here if you’re interested.